About Us

My name is Alysa Mae and I’m from Southern California. I have deep love for the desert and the coast and I love to decorate my home and wardrobe as such so I can have the desert and coast with me at all times. My husband and I moved from Idaho and are currently living in Herriman Utah.


I graduated summer of 2020 with my Bachelors in Business Marketing and it’s been a dream of mine since I was a little girl to start my own shop. 


This shop started out as Rooted Wild Vintage where I sourced vintage clothes and home decor around the US and sold through Etsy. Although it was fun, I didn’t resonate with the product nor the brand anymore. I wanted to mix my love for the desert and interior design and bring something new to the table. So here we are with MaeDaeCo!! 


Mae is my middle name as I’m sure you could tell, which is also my grandmas middle name so I knew I wanted to use it. Dae has been a cute little word I’ve had in my head for years that I have always wanted to pair with my middle name in some future endeavor. Dae reminds me of the beautiful golden day we are granted when we wake up and I want you to think of all things warm, neutral and calming when you visit my shop. 


Thanks for sticking around to read all about me and why I started Mae Dae Co.